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   Usable Screen


May 1st, 2008.
   New site opens, and visitors may download a video of flyby map.
Aug 26th, 2007.
   All playable maps now have screenshots.
Jan 2nd, 2007.
   UsableScreen version 1.5 released!
Oct 6th, 2006.
   Lightning Hunter's page full of must-have stuff for UT SP fans.
Aug 19th, 2006.
   SP2D-Outpost is nearing completion.
June 10th, 2006.
   SP2D will have multiplayer mode. Work in progress.
Apr 13th, 2006.
   Screenshot of intro map is available.
Apr 13th, 2006.
   Derdak finished his intro map. kea have made some progress on SP2D-Fortress.
Feb 26th, 2006.
   New feature was added to SP2D. Like in some old 2D sidescrollers you will see scores for killed enemy floating out of it's corpse.


SP2D means Singleplayer in 2D.
This is a singleplayer modification for Unreal Tournament '99 with a sidescroller-type view of game world.

Overall progress

80% Completed


You can see the game world from the side. There are also side doors to make levels more non-linear. You can enter it by pressing a key (corresponding binding will appear in Unreal Tournament key bindigs).
You'll have all usual UT weapons (some of them are slightly modified) and may be some of classic Unreal weapons too. You can aim your crosshair up and down with a mouse while moving in any direction.
Some maps will provide classic tricky side-scroller gameplay, and you can kill enemies by jumping on them -- this damage was increased.


The game will take part in polar regions of Na Pali after Unreal and Unreal:Return to Na Pali events.
Some kind of relative peace was established on most part of planet. Skaarj fleet was defeated and now planet is under protection of human military forces.
Andrew Collins was sent to patrol some polar regions of Na Pali and after return he had found his base destroyed by Skaarj dropship. He can't send a message to the headquarters because of planet's sun activity which causes radio disturbances. So he decided to hide in caves, because in that caves lived Nali.
For additional information about story go to the maps page.
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